SKAET Solutions was formed in 2007 and has continued to grow in size and strength. Based on our experience in china. Our mission is to create a favorable shipping and sourcing solution service in china ..

SKAET Solutions is the sourcing and procurement company for your logistics and purchasing needs in China. SKAET Solutions is run by foreign managers who have lived in China and have a good understanding of Chinese business culture. We have years of experience in sourcing, authenticating, testing, supervision and quality assurance auditing for a wide range of products. We provide solutions based on your needs ranging from product search, pre-shipment supervision, partner search, Vendor audit to sustainable logistics and supply chain solutions.

SKAET Solutions is your leading choice to optimize and integrate your complete supply chain management plan. With our multi-dimensional approach and full range of partner capabilities, the results will leverage your company to the next level. SKAET Solution, we will customize a complete supply chain solution unique to your company. We will use your company's’ unique business, environmental, pricing and product factors and work them all together into an organized transportation plan that works specifically for you. By choosing SKAET Solution to handle all your logistics and supply chain management services, you will receive a complete, efficient plan with the highest degree of savings optimized to your specific needs.

  • Pre-shipment85%
  • Quality assurance86%
  • Vendor audit86%
  • Supply chain Management86%