Our Team

Nick Tayari

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Nick is driving the company’s vision of establishing the company as a sole reliable partner for any sourcing needs in China. He is an expert on working with professionals around the world, having lived and worked in China for over 7 years, Nick has a great understanding of Chinese manufacturer’s mind and how to foster quality, create lasting partnerships and close deals to sustain businesses. Nick has worked in a Shanghai-based sourcing company specializing in oil and gas equipment, Engineering equipment, textile machinery, textile materials among other products. In addition, he has cooperated with a number of manufacturers. Being Bilingual, he has an edge at bridging business cultural gaps and creating win-win situations and reliable business connections. He is yet to complete a doctorate degree in Engineering

Mulder Zhang

Senior Director, Sourcing and Procurement

Mulder leads our sourcing and procurement team. Having worked in multicultural business environments, in additional to cross-cultural experience attained during his studies in USA. Zhang has a strong and resilient personality and is known for his excellent evaluation of our partnering manufacturers. In his years at Skaet solutions, he has exhibited a consistent reputation which has increased the company’s image and customer satisfaction. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International trade and relations from USA and holds 8 years’ experience in international business

Kara Heathers

Senior Director, Marketing and Categories

Kara contributes a great deal to our marketing team in addition to supporting our clientele base. She formulates strategies for new product development. She has implemented different projects in Europe and Americas, as well as negotiated critical partnerships with our core partners. She is currently in-charge of Marketing and Categories. Professionally she holds a masters degree in Marketing and Brand Management.

Wendy Lin

Senior Project manager

Wendy leads our Logistics department which responsible for liaising with our shipping partners. She has commendable experience in shipping and logistics from her previous roles. Wendy is well versed with all shipping procedures and how to handle them effectively. At present, she concurrently participates in external exhibitions on behalf of Skaet solutions. She holds a Bachelor’s degree Economics and International Trade from Fudan University. Her experience includes investment project support, supply chain management solutions and lead-time management

Jude Kigozi

Senior Director, General Operations

Jude is in-charge of general operations for Skaet solution’s core projects. He has experience of Eight years as a management accountant and is known for his strong customer relationship skills. He has experience in Medical industry gained from his previous role at Medical access a leading medical equipment sourcing company. He manages projects efficiently and is dynamic and creative in finding reliable solutions for our valued clients. He is a certified management accountant

Kwitwa John

Senior Director, Engineering

Skaet solutions is proud to have one of the creative mind in engineering products. John has managed a couple of projects in construction and surveying in his previous roles at a Uganda based Engineering contracting company. At present, he is incharge of evaluating engineering related projects, equipment and quality assurance by liasing with Skaet solutions partners. He has strong connections and relationships with the leading Engineering solutions players. He leads our Skaet Cottage industries equipment and Skaet Engineering solutions team. He is a certified Civil and structural engineer.

Ephraim Bitwakakye

Senior Director, Finance

Ephraim leads Skaet solutions finance and investment teams. He has over 8 years banking experience having previously worked with Standard bank as Chief auditor. He steers Skaet solutions pricing team, contract negation and accounts management. He also guides Skaet solutions on legal issues and risk management. Ephraim is a great asset to our team and has successfully managed some of our key projects. He is a certified management accountant with ACCA, CPA and CPSM certifications