SKAET Solutions provide pre- shipping services and strategic sourcing business, supply chains and Vendor audit throughout china and also arranges contract with manufacture. Business intelligence for you, our team has experience to help need you need.

Product Sourcing

● Source and qualify suppliers
● Negotiate prices and MOQ
● Monitor manufacturing process
● Do quality control
● Coordinate logistics.

Quality Control

● ​Establish quality standards
● ​Do factory quality audits
● ​Conduct QC inspections
● ​Check container loading
● ​Arrange compliance test at labs.

Question you should know !

  • How to enforce your quality standards in china ?90%
  • Why China Suppliers Often Give You Wrong Quotes?60%
  • Most Common Shipping Terms You Should Know60%
  • Steps to follow when Sourcing from China60%
  • Is your Supplier Legit ?60%

Services we provide

• Pre-shipment supervision
• Strategic Sourcing
• Partner Search
• Contract Manufacturing
• Research & Development
• Business Intelligence
• Vendor Audit

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